Baby Blues 

University of the Arts Bremen
Baby Blues
is a new interpretation of a boiler suit, originating from an experimental exercice. The task was to creat a new garment based on the boiler suit by using the technique blind contour drawing. It was interesting to recognize a pregnant figure in a drawing of a typical mens working cloth.
The concept of male pregnancy has been a comedic device of popular films Iike in Schwarzenegger's Junior. But in fact, expectant fathers can have pregnancy symptoms Iike weight gain and mood swings which is called "couvade syndrom". The contextual shift of "baby blues" (pregnancy mood disorder) and boiler suit (german: "Blaumann" = blueman) resulted into a suit for mom and dad, offering insight into this phenomenon.

Workshop: "marry me"
Conducted by: Prof.Ursula Zillig

Inspiration: blind contour drawing



blind contour / process