Four accidents
Workshop Künstlerbuecher
University of the Arts Bremen 2011

Four accidents
was realized in cooperation with the Research Centre for Artists Publications in the Weserburg, Bremen's museum of modern art, under the theme "economy of means”.
It's based on old stuff from my childhood that documents my Integration into the German school system.

Everything is new: a foreign country, words I've never heard before and writing accident reports. Hello Germany. I learned one thing in particular: who witnesses an accident might be called upon to write a report but what if you have to invent an accident with no ability to articulate?! What aimed to improve language skills became a testimony of a creepy pedagogical practice of the German education system.

52 pages, riso-print, 22 copies

Concept; Editorial; Exhibition; Text; Print; Production
Conducted by Prof.T ania Prill

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Din A4, soft black cover, stitch bounded and a sheet of blotting paper that is inspirated by school notebooks. High magnificated figures appear shocked and slip into the role of witnesses by the contextual shift. The large and bold characters give the text a higher weighting and the DIN typeface reflects standardization and bureaucracy in Germany. School reports give an insight into my immigrant background and language skills.

Basis: first reading books, accident reports from German support lessons and school reports from integration time.