Kulturbeutel 2.0
 Bachelor Thesis
University of the Arts Bremen 2015

The bachelor project Kulturbeutel 2.0 is a performative exhibition that deals critically with todays body hygiene and mental health and Kulturbeutel is a bizarre German word for a body hygiene kit, that literally means "culture bag".
In the age of Web 2.0 people are permanently exposed to stress factors and, according to the WHO, one in four European suffers from a mental disorder in his life. Once the body hygiene became a daily routine in western society, but there is no similar mental hygiene, the policy framework from the World Health Organization "Health 2020" was the inspiration for the Utopia of a "Kulturbeutel 2.0": a mind-body connection with preventive measures for mental health as general duty.
As mental disorders are often related to thoughts and feelings and are not visible (and therefore difficult to diagnose), the exhibition Kulturbeutel 2.0 is an artistic approach of the questions "How do burnout or depression look like?" and "How can other feelings like anxiety and happiness be illustrated?"

The main illustrations originated on survey questions with 45 respondents like "If you had to draw a bacterium, how would it look like?". The descriptions form the basis of the illustrations like posters act as educational school chart. Clichéd symbols and language of the current body care were also shifted into a new context as well as online phenomena of the "body culture" were explored to bring up a meditation with the guru Dalilama.

Kulturbeutel 2.0 was nominated for the Hfk university prize 2015 and exhibited during the open house days of the University of the Arts Bremen.

DRM: Concept; Text; Design; Video; Performance; Exhibition; Production

Dalilama video (german)



Exhibited at the Open days HFK Bremen
Nominated for the Hochschulpreis