Workshop 5for6
University of the Arts Bremen 2015

The publication Logisch was developed in a collaboration between a typography and illustration course, supervised by Prof. Tania Prill and Prof. Samuel Nyholm. It shows results from previous workshops that deal with the relationship between text and image. It references to a new master degree program at the University of the Arts in Bremen "From Aleph To Eternity" to attract new students.
I worked up sentences and quotes that deal with text/image and designed among others analog Post-its and photographed them, bringing text and image to one layer and reflecting the ambivalence of the relationship and definition of text and image.

Concept: Text/Image; Layout/Composition/Design (Relation: Text/Image)

Publisher: University of the Arts Bremen
192 pages, offset, 300 copies, 2014
Conducted by Prof. Tania Prill, Prof. Samuel Nyholm 

Process and open days exhibition of the University