North Sea
Workshop Streetphotography
University of the Arts Bremen 2012

The photo series North Sea reproduces the essence and gives an impression of this place. The German North Sea is a popular tourist destination that is especially characterized by coastal winds and unstable weather conditions. The "Ebb and Tide" dominates the coastal landscape and the tourist seasons reflects the large impact of tourism in defining the shape of a landscape.

The photos were taken at vacation spots of Cuxhaven (Sahlenburg, Duhnen, Doese, Grimmershoernbucht). Cuxhaven is the “largest North Sea resort in Germany and the origins of tourism go back to the year 1816 when a seaside resort was founded in Cuxhaven. Since 1964 it is recognized as climate seaside resort (Seeheilbad)”.Wikipedia

DRM: Photography; Edition; Production 
Conducted by Photographer Prof. Peter Bialobrzeski