Bild Wissen Gestaltung  2018

The publication Picornaviridae – Zum Gestalten von Modell- und Visualisierungskonzepten in der Virologie, written by the designer & researcher Joosten Mueller, deals with the representability of virus structures, taking into account their geometric origins from the example of the Picornaviridae family (Picornaviridae) apart. It represents an interface between science and design and highlights the potential of creative processes within interdisciplinary research approaches.
The editorial concept faces up to the multitude of isolated visualization concepts and functions as an expanded, interlinking and comprehensive model concept. It offers the opportunity to be used as a cross-literature understanding key; teaching and research can provide didactic tools that support the promotion of general model competence.

Concept DRM & Joosten Mueller
Design/Layout/Composition DRM