Workshop 5for6
University of the Arts Bremen 2015

This publication was developed in a one-week workshop on the topic of the relationship between text and image. We formed teams of two and analyzed books on the use of text and image and generated on this basis a double page.
It was created an own repertoire of images in team on basis of the artist's book Pictures* by Hans Peter Feldmann. For this we used the technique of a mental ping pong with time limit to develop lists of words. Important for us was the randomness in the selection of the picture and the focusing on motifs of daily life. Based on the ping pong technique the images were edited on a double page.

*Pictures reproduces all of Feldmann's published works that he produced in the period 1968-1974. He created and collected pictures of everyday objects and actions and put them together to small series which he edited in magazines and books.

Concept (Team); Cover; Double page in corporation with Matthieu Brünner
Directed by designer Prof. Tania Prill;  Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié (artist and book designer, Paris)