Anatomia da Saudade
Master Thesis Project
University Aveiro 2019

In every culture there will be terms or idioms, that are unique and completely connected to their language and way of life and can hardly be carried or translated into other cultures or languages. In the Portuguese language, the term Saudade acquired almost a mythological meaning, by being considered untranslatable and even exclusive of the Portuguese nature.

By considering the importance of Saudade as an emotional heritage of the Portuguese and the difficulty of translating or communicating it, due to the linguistic limitations, arises the questions if Communication Design, as a interdisciplinary and mediating discipline, can contribute to the understanding of Saudade or help expanding the representations of the concept of Saudade, by proposing new perspectives and/or ways to represent it visually? How does Design try to communicate complex meanings through visual mechanisms? How is Saudade represented visually? How can Saudade be drawn? In this context, the present work approaches the concepts of translation, definition and manifestation of Saudade with the main objective of developing a visual representation of this concept, through the research and the creative process in Design.

Concept; Illustration; Iconography; Text; Layout; Composition; Design; Production
Conducted by Prof. Rui Costa