Beach, Cars And Dresses 
Workshop Artistic Expression
University Aveiro 2017

Beach, Cars and Dresses: Longing. The instant that was and never will be. The presence of absence. The flame of memories. In it deposits the imaginary by discovering the lost moments. The drawing. instrument that recalls and touches on the details of those moments, kept in the instant of their fixation. Reliving the longing that sleeps in each of us: the longing for ourselves.

8 Colored pencil drawings; made from the reproduction of photographs taken during my childhood when I lived in Portugal until my emigration to Germany at the age of 8.

Paper and colored pencils serve as instruments for the memory of my childhood; as a resource, conditioned to children's drawing in general.
The photographs that form the basis were chosen by the criteria of having a car (or parts of it) in the image. This emerged, after having noticed the immense photographs, that my mom took from me out in front of cars. A Fact, that reminded me of the car rides with my parents: the sound of the engine, the landscapes passing by, the smell of the bombs gasoline, the sound of rain against the windshield and the sound of the car motor that rocked me in the deepest sleep.

Concept; Illustration
Conducted by Prof. Graça Magalhães
Exhibited 08–18.07.2017, Aveiro Museum (Museu de Aveiro) 


Drawings 1-8