Second Hand School Material
Knowledge Visualization
University Aveiro 2017

Reselling and buying second-hand goods on the internet is a popular strategy in the Western World to save money and to contribute reducing the environmental footprint. is the most popular online platform of 2nd hand items in Portugal. The category of "school books" has the highest number of results and considering that, the purchase of school materials is a heavy burden for families in Portugal OLX was explored by his range of results of different school materials by searching for keywords that are related to education and school. Based on the 5 keywords with the best and most results "scholastic", "education", "back to school", "Study" and "students", a research to identify the most economical region for families to let their children study was made, taking into account the possibility of buying the requested school materials second hand.

DRM: Concept; Illustration; Graphic; Data Visualization
Conducted by Prof. Rui Costa