Workshop Gestalt und Ästhetik
University of the Arts Bremen 2012

This workshop aimed to clarify the importance of the context and the historical brackground for the aesthetic or beauty of a design, especially in relation to the production of text/images. We choosed a personal object, in my case a botija de água quente which means “hot-water bottle” in portuguese. In the visual part the stencil technique for screenprints black and white was used. The colour and the typography were added after the theoretical part: A question list* was the starting point for a story about the object. It combined facts and subjective experiences. This approach shows the relation between the object and subject of an aesthetic value.

*Ingredients, list from the contemporary artist Tom Friedman

Concept; Design; Screenprinting
Conducted by Prof. Andrea Rauschenbusch

Botija de água quente

It keeps me trapped, peaceful and cuddly. It's 
warm. A prickly feeling on my feet and I am floating around 
like a rudderless and drifting ship. I hear the sloshing and gurgling of the water and the warmth enveloped me. It touched me gently, and I press it 
firmly against me. A soothing glow that flows away all my worries and pain. The heat evaporates.


Like a shock, a stinging smell of rubber rings me to the ground and a biting coldness penetrates my body. Cold. So cold. Too cold. The trip is over like waking up from a dream. Now it only lies there without any motion. Rough, dull gum, yellowish-white like dead ivory. Occupied pale, dull with a thin layer of dust.
A flat, 
sturdy thing, easy to fold and press. 
Like a filled balloon, the air has escaped. One 
of many. 167 mm neck, embossed. Germany, 
TÜV-tested, batch number GTP 6162.